I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cynthia for two years. She has an amazing talent for building relationships with customers and getting them engaged in all manner of marketing activities. She is also dogged in her ability to execute. Cynthia is always able to deliver on even the toughest requests — including things such as references for the Gartner Magic Quadrants. I’ve had many customers praise Cynthia for her professionalism and kindness. She is without a doubt, one of the best customer reference managers I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Erica Burns, Director, Media & Analyst Relations - Progress Software

Cynthia is a tremendous talent and brings immediate value to any marketing team. Cynthia is a quick learner, action orientated, and overachieves in all capacities of her profession. Cynthia is the type of professional that identifies needs within her organization, and takes action to satisfy those needs without being told or asked. She did a tremendous job building out our customer reference program at Progress Software which enabled our sales team to be better armed closing business. I would recommend Cynthia to any organization looking to better their marketing team.

Steve Martin, Senior Sales Director, Enterprise Sales - Progress Software

If you are looking for an innovative, results-focused and truly collaborative marketing leader, then look no further. Cynthia simply drives marketing results by leveraging her unique ability to identify and activate impactful opportunities, like ours at The Henry Ford. She brings a strategic and tactical proficiency to her work and has the ability to lead successful teams, partner relationships and campaigns. She is an extremely dedicated, detailed and driven professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Matt Majewski, Director, Digital & Emerging Media - The Henry Ford

I had the pleasure to work with Cynthia over several years at Progress, where she managed our customer success program. Cynthia is exceptional at every part of her job. She is diligent in following up on every request I make. At the same time, she has the initiative to drive positive action and results on her own. She builds trusted relationships with customers and partners, and positions their stories in the most positive light for all parties. While she worked for many different product lines, she made every product leader feel they were her top priority. To see examples of her phenomenal work, just look at the Progress web site. Almost every success story there came from Cynthia. I would highly recommend Cynthia for this important role and hope to work with her again.

Mark Allen, General Manager, Chief Technologist - Progress Software

I worked with Cynthia when I was part of the North American OE sales organization for Progress and she was responsible for creating digital marketing content from the sales successes that we achieved with our customers. Simply put: Cynthia is THE best marketing manager that led the customer success story and customer reference programs at Progress during my 17 years with the company. She is also one of the most dedicated and hardest working people I have met anywhere. The marketing content that Cynthia created for the customer success story program had enormous impact on subsequent sales opportunities and the reference program that she managed was always a significant factor in closing those deals. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia to any organization seeking a high-performing marketing program manager who knows how to make a direct impact on sales opportunities and revenue generation.

Phil Magnay, Director, Partner Solutions - Progress Software

I worked with Cynthia as part of the Progress Software Sales Enablement team when she was initially hired to entirely rebuild, revamp and grow Progress’ global customer reference program. She worked tirelessly and very entrepreneurially as a “team of one” to redefine what customer endorsement and success meant internally and externally for Progress, while educating countless cross-functional internal contributors and external customers on the benefits and future ROI of building out such a robust program. Cynthia also naturally displays a unique combination of software solution technical acumen combined with immensely creative and engaging story-telling. She is expert and passionate about what she does and it positively affects everyone who interacts with her. Progress’ end gain has been a high-quality repository of 200+, multi-media, revenue-driving customer assets. In short, if your company values customer success, customer engagement and sales success, Cynthia should be on your team.

Nina Viswanathan, Senior Program Manager - ACI Worldwide

Cynthia served as project lead with Progress Software when they developed a case study of our company. I was immediately won over by Cynthia’s dedication, experience, and professionalism. She always treated us like we were the most important client and our project was the center of her universe. Throughout the project, Cynthia provided a steady hand and carefully guided us, taking our input and crafting a compelling story. We could not be happier with the results. I am thrilled to have a professional ally and personal friend in Cynthia.

Tom Stein, Senior Computer Systems Manager - Washington University

I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia when she was a customer and partner manager at Progress. I was impressed with her quick response and to the point communication. She produced spectacular success stories for my end users and myself on behalf of AI Software. She is proactive, professional and always made me feel comfortable in the approval process. Cynthia was also responsible for ensuring that AI Software was integrated into the Progress Partner Program. I found her to be enthusiastic and a dedicated professional. She would be a great asset to any company that needs a strong customer relationship builder and expert customer marketer.

Pixyish Bhatt, Owner - AI Software, LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Cynthia at Progress Software over a period of two years, where she led and owned customer and partner references on behalf of multiple sales teams within the organization. Cynthia was invaluable in delivering references, testimonials, case studies and other collateral that helped to drive additive sales and establish credibility with prospective clients. Her knowledge of sales process, the product value proposition as well as her amazing customer relationship skills provided clean and engaging experiences for our clients. Cynthia helped drive many successful customer reference engagements for my team and she was always extremely diligent in the process and with her follow through. I highly recommend Cynthia to any organization in search of a talented and experienced Marketing professional.

Louis Mitchell, Senior Manager, Sales - Progress Software

Cynthia is a passionate, driven individual with her eye on achieving the business goal. With a focus on customer successes, her perseverance to get the job done was complete professionalism. I enjoy working with Cynthia as she provides a sense of urgency like no other. She is focus and achieves success. I believe Cynthia will achieve great successes in her professional career.

Paul Nashawaty, Senior Director Product & Solutions Marketing Strategy, Progress Software

Cynthia is one of the most conscientious marketers I have had the pleasure to work with. She created a highly effective customer and partner reference program at Progress Software which greatly benefited departments across the company from sales to product marketing to partner marketing. She built a library full of high quality print and video references that were heavily leveraged in a multitude of marketing campaigns. She is very efficient in her process which both partners and the direct customers appreciated. She is a stickler for detail and would be a valuable part of any marketing team.

Chuck Sicard, Global Marketing Manager, Progress Software

Cynthia Cooper is a proven relationship manager, who understands how to build an effective customer reference program as well as the finesse required to maintain and expand it. I worked with Cynthia for several years at Progress software, where she consistently demonstrated the ability to elicit the best from partners and customers in such a way that reinforces the various value propositions and most current messaging. She has boundless energy and is relentless when it comes to getting the job done. Cynthia also has an amazing soft skill of getting other business units and their teams to participate and support her efforts with the power of her personality, which is focused, fun and pleasant. The combination of energy, passion and humor combined with expertise makes her an invaluable addition to any team who wants to expand their customer success story program.

Suzanne Rose, Senior Content Strategist, Progress Software

I worked with Cynthia over the course of a few years. She coordinated filming a customer story, numerous customer references and discussions with product managers. Her diligence, attention to detail and follow through made the entire experience simple and friction free. I am delighted to work with her.

Josh Sharman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, California Association of Realtors

We have worked with Cynthia for a few years and during that time frame I have never been more pleased in working with someone directly in marketing / advertising. Cynthia is totally dedicated to what she does and knows exactly how to motivate our company in delivering the correctly PR material or marketing material necessary to publish. Thanks so much its always a pleasure working with you.

Mike Cutsey, President - FDM4 America, Inc.

Cynthia ha a keen awareness on how to creatively bring people and experiences to very compelling stories. I have had the privilege of working on many video case studies over the past few years She brings the right team together, she asks the right questions and she delivers a captivating story that engages audiences to take action.

Kevin Hourigan, President & CEO - Bayshore Solutions

If you want to have a world class customer success program in your company, you want Cynthia. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Cynthia at Progress where she oversaw our first class Customer Reference program. Her ability to forge relationships with all types of customers and partners is unprecedented as well as her ability to juggle multiple projects at once. She has delivered exceptional customer success stories to my team and I, which were heavily leveraged for PR and lead generation opportunities. I’d work with Cynthia again in a second!

Guarav Verma, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Progress Software

Cynthia is one of the hardest-working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in this industry. She tackles any project she is working on head on and brings an unmatched level of passion to her work. She is an asset to our team and has done an excellent job working hand in hand with our sales staff in bringing our marketing efforts to life with our customer base.

Garrett Mann, Director of Content Marketing - TechTarget

Cynthia is a tremendous resource to the sales team at TechTarget. She brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and expertise to the organization, providing our team with the tools needed to communicate effectively with our clients. Cynthia is always readily available, responsive, and eager to help to ensure our company has an effective communication strategy. She is a pleasure to work with and without question a critical member to our company’s overall success.

Dillion McDermott, Senior Account Executive - GetFeedback, Inc.

In working with Cynthia for over a year, she has been a consistent “go-to” resource for numerous sales related and revenue generating activities. Cynthia ALWAYS displays the willingness and ability to interact with her sales team around the pain-points they’re seeing in the field, and then follow through with the materials and data needed to address these concerns. I would recommend Cynthia’s work without hesitation.

Brian Dowling, Director of Sales, IT Deal Alert - TechTarget
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